Chakra Pranayama

A student requested this for her home meditation. Please feel free to share. Love to all - Jenny

Chakra Pranayama -breathing through the energy centres of the body. This is the opening breath sequence of a Chakra focused yoga workshop, developed by Jenny Anderson with much respect to Anodea Judith and her illuminating teachings of the chakra system. I highly recommend her book, Eastern Body, Western Mind.

Sit comfortably in easy seat. Close the eyes and breathe. Bring awareness into the body and breath, stilling the mind. Visualizing a red square at the base of the spine, begin to rock forward and back to feel the tailbone and pubic bone, then rock side to side, feeling the sitz bones. From this conscious base, inhale as you draw the knees and hands up, then pull knees and hands down as your focus remains on the base of your spine, your Muladhara chakra, the root. Do this breath cleansing action at least 21 times, inhaling and exhaling through the nose. Then chant the bija (seed sound) LAM over and over. Sit quietly to absorb the sensations, strengthening your Right to be here, considering the safety of the earth element.

Visualizing an orange circle, move your awareness to your lower abdomen and sensual organs, the ovaries or testes. This is the home of the second chakra, Svadhistana or sweetness. Rocking your pelvis forward and inhaling, rocking your pelvis back and rounding into yourself as you exhale. Consider your Right to feel and want as you self soothe by tipping your pelvis as if you were swishing water in a basin. Do this pranayama action many times, then sit quietly as you repeat VAM over and over, uniting the duality of in and out, male and female, relaxation and effort.

Moving up the the third chakra, the solar plexus, touch your fingers together just below your ribcage. Take a few firm exhales here to activate your awareness of the Manipura chakra, your lustrous gem. Inhaling, draw your solar plexus forward in a circle, exhaling as you circle your torso back. Visualize a yellow triangle of a spark inside your body, being coaxed into full flames as you breathe. Consider your Right to act, your self-will and determination. Circle your torso in both directions, then sit quietly as you chant RAM honouring your lustrous gem of inner power.

The heart chakra is called Anahata, and is the centre of the energy system. Visualizing a green, shining, three dimensional star inside your physical body, emphasize your breath as you increase the vital energy around your heart centre. Inhaling, open your arms wide to the side, exhaling draw your arms around you like an embrace. The seat of compassion and forgiveness, Anahata reminds us of our Right to be loved. The element of air expands our understanding of the nature of love as we breathe deeply . Balance and self-acceptance is the lesson of the heart. When the pranayama quiets down, chant the bija YAM over and over, letting it become a lullaby to yourself.

Moving up the chakra system, become aware of the throat area, the Vissudha chakra. With your pointer fingers, touch your throat beside your Adam’s apple area and jiggle it while making funny sounds. Interlacing your fingers into fists, place them under your chin. Inhaling, lift the elbows and eyes, exhaling with a loud sigh, look down and close the elbows. Continue this breath cleansing action many many times, becoming progressively louder or quieter depending on your experience in the moment, and the awakening of your Right to express yourself. Visualize a bright blue light loosening your jaw from tension, and purifying your ability to communicate clearly. When the breath action slows, sit quietly as you chant HAM over and over, at different speeds and volumes to find your true voice.

Moving up the chakra system, touch your thumbs to the inner corners of your eyebrows and press upwards firmly. Allow the pressure to soften the skin of your forehead and relax your eyes. Moving into the element of light, close your eyes to see the colour indigo bloom at your third eye, the Ajna chakra. Take an easy side bend twice on each side, then fold forward to rest your forehead on your stacked fists, a block, or the floor. Remain aware of sensations between your eyebrows as you consider your ability to imagine and visualize, and trust your own intuition. This is the centre of perception and command, and the Right to see clearly. Breathe quietly as you watch colours and visions behind your eyelids. Sitting up, chant the bija OM over and over until the clouds of your inner vision clear.

The seventh and highest chakra is located above your head, the gate that opens to the Mystery of Heaven. Known as the Sahasrara chakra, its yantra or visual symbol , is the thousand-petalled lotus. Sitting tall in your seat, interlace your fingers and place them palms up on top of your head. Inhaling, extend your arms straight, clearing a channel between you and the heavens. Exhaling, draw your hands back to your crown, with the awareness of your spine rooting down into the earth. Continue to grow this powerful pranayama, gradually extending the vision of the channel above you extending into the Universe, and the roots of yourself extending down into the centre of the earth. You have the Right to understand and know yourself as a child of the Divine, whatever is your understanding of that concept. Visualize a sacred lotus flower blossoming on your crown, cascading a vibrant violet light around you. Sit quietly when the breath action settles down, and consider the bija of silence.

This is the opening breath sequence of a Chakra focused yoga workshop, developed by Jenny Anderson of With much respect to Anodea Judith and her illuminating teachings of the chakra system.


  1. Thank you so much, Jenny. This practise is for my first thing in morning yoga.


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