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Chakra Pranayama

A student requested this for her home meditation. Please feel free to share. Love to all - Jenny

Chakra Pranayama -breathing through the energy centres of the body. This is the opening breath sequence of a Chakra focused yoga workshop, developed by Jenny Anderson with much respect to Anodea Judith and her illuminating teachings of the chakra system. I highly recommend her book, Eastern Body, Western Mind.

Sit comfortably in easy seat. Close the eyes and breathe. Bring awareness into the body and breath, stilling the mind. Visualizing a red square at the base of the spine, begin to rock forward and back to feel the tailbone and pubic bone, then rock side to side, feeling the sitz bones. From this conscious base, inhale as you draw the knees and hands up, then pull knees and hands down as your focus remains on the base of your spine, your Muladhara chakra, the root. Do this breath cleansing action at least 21 times, inhaling and exhaling through the nose. Then chant the bija (seed sound)…