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Yoga ethics - niyamas - observances

The Eight Limbs of Yoga start with the Yamas (ethical restraints) and the Niyamas (ethical observances). I consider the Niyamas to be how we relate to our Selves - with a capital S! The first of the five Niyamas is Saucha, or cleanliness. Saucha reminds us to treat our body as a temple, and honour our divinity with good hygiene. Staying healthy and clean in body and mind will improve our quality of life both on and off the yoga mat. In these times of flu fears, it's important to remember to keep our nasal passages functioning optimally. Many yoga practitioners use a neti pot daily to keep our sinus passages clear. This helps our nose to flush out any airborne viruses. A neti pot is a wonderful addition to your daily self-honouring ritual, and may be a vital preventative to maintaining good health this winter. Check out or ask me for more neti pot info. They are available at most drug stores and Jean Coutu.

The second Niy…