"Jenny is a very capable, experienced instructor. She is knowledgeable about yoga and a good teacher. Her bubbly personality is a joy to be around. She is very strict (when teaching positions, for example) but is kind and compassionate in accepting my limitations. I look forward to my lessons with Jenny. My health has improved immensely since I began yoga lessons with her on Tuesdays at noon. She always has an interesting, new, wide range of yoga positions for us to try. Her knowledge of the history and theory of yoga is amazing. There is so much to learn, and it is fun!"

"Ms. Anderson is an exceptional teacher, highly experienced and knowledgeable. She knows a great deal and communicates extremely well. "

"Jennifer is an excellent instructor. She is knowledgeable, experienced and motivating. It has improved the quality of my physical strength and flexibility."

"My yoga classes with Jenny are perfect. She brings a personal touch when teaching. She has inspired me to begin my own teacher training! Jenny's classes are very well structured. "

"She always gives alternative poses so that everyone and their different abilities are accomodated. Jenny incorporates mind, body + spirit into her lessons. I think that everyone can benefit from this class."

"Jenny is the super best - the class is great fun and I have recommended this class to both beginners and yoga practitioners because of the health benefits and the fun of it."

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