Yoga Therapeutic Ball Rolling

Since fall of 2011, I've been including ball rolling into my yoga sessions with wonderful results and feedback. To expand further on all of the questions after a ball rolling session, here's more information for you!

*I learned these methods initially from my friend, massage therapist, yoga teacher, Kristine Karpinski in the summer of 2011. She was greatly influenced by the work of Yamuna Zake, In September 2011, I brought the balls to my classes and learned from my students how to integrate this therapy into practice. I've taken occasional workshops with local YTU teachers, and Jill Miller, the founder of YTU is a very comprehensive system based on anatomy knowledge and compassion. I continue to learn from both Yamuna and Jill Miller through their abundant internet resources.

*Rather than expensive and specific yoga therapy balls, I use playground balls, 6" in diameter, that I've deflated to half so they can yield to body weight. The balls are textured, thick rubber, strong and soft.
I like the versatility of this size that works on many different areas. Smaller or larger balls may be more effective for certain releases, but the results have been very positive for an overall experience with a wide range of body types.

*For home use, I suggest finding a suitable, similar ball to what we use in class, and exploring the larger muscle groups first, with an adequate amount of time to truly listen to the messages from your body. (Both Yamuna and YTU websites have specialty balls available for sale also).  At least 30-45 minutes per rolling session, once a week or more for best results. It takes time for the body to respond and receive the positive effects of this method, so don't rush yourself.

*enjoy! I'd love it if you could leave some feedback on how you responded to the ball rolling in class.

with love to all ~


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